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Project execution is a chain of activities undertaken on a project, from feasibility and planning to completion and startup

project-management-calgary-edmonton-alberta-canadaProject Execution

Project execution is a chain of activities undertaken on a project, from feasibility and planning to completion and startup. If execution is effectively done, it can hugely improve project performance and profitability. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. But, with Redpebble’s expert knowledge and experience, project execution can be made much more streamlined, effective and successful.

Productivity Improvement

Imagine spending $100 on labour costs but you only get 70% of the work done! Consequently, more money has to be spent in order to get 100% of the work done. This is an example of poor productivity! Redpebble can, not only help improve productivity on your projects but also identify the causes of it. The root-cause evaluation helps prevent lower productivity on future projects.

Cost Analysis

Projects can be profitable or sometimes, not be profitable. The key to improved profitability is through cost analysis upon project completion. Redpebble’s expertise can help identify the important markers where costs can be improved, resulting in sizeable profit gains on future projects.

Process Improvement

Often times, due to inadequate or weak processes, project performance is not optimum. Identifying weaknesses and streamlining processes can result in great productivity gain, which Redpebble is an expert at undertaking.


How well are your projects performing against your own projects or peers in the industry? In order to answer that question, one needs a starting point to compare against. Benchmarking is important because it provides comparison against the best, which assists performance improvement. Redpebble can benchmark your projects with not only local, but also, national and international projects!

Asset Planning and Management

Inventorying all the assets of a company and its utilization can be a powerful tool particularly in areas of maintenance, obsolescence and cash flow planning. Real Cost of Ownership is another area critical to achieving profitable operations which Redpebble can show you.

With improved technology, Redpebble can also support in optimizing your company’s assets taking maximum advantage of the new and emerging opportunities.

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