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Project Management is more than watching how the project is performing

project-manager-calgary-edmonton-albertaIt is not only knowing what is going right, but also having the foresight to know what can possibly go wrong on the project. This required acumen is what Redpebble brings to managing your projects. In addition to project manager services we also provide the following.

Project Control

Just like there are many things that happen between an airplane’s takeoff and landing, similarly, many things happen between the approved cost estimate and the project’s completion. Controlling what happens in-between the initial and a final milestone is the key to successfully managing a project. Redpebble has carried out project control activities for many clients at various locations with great results.

Project Status Reporting

In order to efficiently manage projects, a great degree of control is required. This includes collecting data from the source or the field. The data includes quantities of equipment and material installed, amount of direct and indirect labour hours spent and the effort expended in the various activities, in order to deliver the project.

Reviewing all this data and coming up with spot-on conclusions about the project requires a great deal of insight and wisdom, an asset, which Redpebble thrives on. Conclusions from the data inform the project manager corrective actions required, in order to complete the project on time and within the approved budget.

photo-1432888498266-38ffec3eaf0aProject Planning & Scheduling

Effective completion and delivery requires intelligent and inter-active planning from all project participants on how the project, from inception to completion, will be executed. Missing out on one or more key areas in the planning phase, can sometimes result in repeating the exercise, causing lost time on the schedule, effort and financial resources.

A good plan often leads to a good schedule, an expertise Redpebble can flawlessly bring to your projects. Effective schedules include all the activities required to carry out the project, the logical steps how they will be executed and realistic durations on how long they should take.

Project Change Management

Ideally, a project should not have any changes once it is planned and has started execution. Realistically, however, this is not always the case. So, projects undergo changes in areas of scope, size, cost, etc. How diligently these changes are approved, recorded, performed and monitored is critical to the project’s profitability. This diligence is one of Redpebble’s key strengths.

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Similar to a pilot who checks the airplane’s internal and external conditions before takeoff, construction projects also have to be examined for internal and external risks before execution. Risk analysis identifies hazards a project can possibly face. The necessary mitigation must then be developed and implemented. Only with experience, insightful knowledge and wisdom, which Redpebble clearly have, can one identify such risks and propose solutions.

Supply Chain Management

An efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) system ensures timeliness of issuing requisitions, purchasing within budget and attaining on-time deliveries. Redpebble can assist in seamlessly enhancing the SCM to achieve the goals you set out for timely project completion.

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